Men aren’t wired differently, that’s what they are meant to believe!

“High School kids are dressed as prostitutes today with their tiny butt shots and deep neck tops”, said a White man at my workplace to me right here in Toronto. He isn’t a human, he’s a plain disgusting one. The type that we are fighting in this society that defers judgement based on the clothes one wears because it is easier to contain population with Idealism than have freedom and open discussion. When I pointed out to this man: Comparing the clothing choices kids have in high school to the once prostitution workers wear, isn’t right- it’s clothing, none of them asked you to look at them with devouring eyes. To which he replied: Well women dress that way to attract men, why else will they do it.

Even if they did, dude! You are a disgusting creature to ponder over their bodies the same way because they are not asking of it! This fact wasn’t going into his hard shelled brain. He kept trying to justify how the life of women revolve around men, n all the choices we make somehow is to please the lot of White dudes who are entitled, conservative and can never handle a strong free women. Later his partner (my employer) tried to explain the same, bring notice to my India heritage. Talk about the rape culture that happens because of clothing. Noooo, u jackasses! Little babies are getting raped u dumb dumbs. It was the most shocking thing so far to happen in Toronto!

The fact that the existence of prostitution is a direct effect of poverty, systemic racism, marginalized communities and of course abortion rights. There was seemingly no understanding of the fact.

I was aghast! Well not because of the words he spoke but the realization that a mentality against women, body and anyone who looks feminine has had manifestation all over the world in different degrees.

In India if you wear shorts in Mumbai, you’ll likely be cat called or stared at: it’s how the society has developed a mindset on clothing.

Redundant n bad thinking exists in the richest societies.

Psybient Music for Productivity

What is Psybient Music?

The popular website is a completely dedicated to the growing culture that involves listening to chillout, psychill, Psybient, ambient, psydub, dub, psystep, downtempo, world, ethnic, IDM, meditative and other mind-expanding music and events.

a genre that is specifically dedicated to producing work that helps the mind become calmer and delve deeper into your thoughts. Deeply connected to the use of ancient sound technology, most of the music is yet created using today’s digital electronic systems

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Often when I receive projects, my general tendency is to procrastinate even though I am fully capable of completing the project. I will stare at things, read through saved blog lists, find ways on the internet to be a more active person or simply chastise myself over not being able to deliver. In my head, however, I have already done the project and receiving feedback or rewards for the same.

The saying goes, ” Your dreams wont work, unless you do! – John c Maxwell

Most of the times I have realized that it’s only about getting started, once you give yourself a min of 9 minutes into the task, your mind automatically winds up interested in doing so. (maintaining that this task is something you actually were looking forward to do)

what really happens is that your mind starts to feel engaged when it realizes that all the thoughts are steadily being put to work. This eventually frees up space, that ultimately invites opportunities for more improvements. All you really have to do is simply START!

S- Steer your actions, T- Tempt yourself, A- Attempt the task, R- Remember why it’s important, T- Tame your mind

Most of the times, our mind does not relent us towards completely a goal, task or job as it thinks of the outcome. However, outcomes are a result of a process.

Process which involves meticulous work and constant momentum in direction of completion of the work project. Application of Newton’s laws to productivity: {refer article source/pocket}

Music can help a great deal to set a certain progression to your mind. This does no necessarily work for everyone though. The mind has a way to activating at certain frequencies of sound, anonymously so… it’s either the lower (ambient nature music) or high frequency (psychedelic music). You could also listen to a collection of Rock metal or hard music. It doesn’t matter as long as the music pushes you to not only move forward in the project but also reach into areas in your brain that are symphonically getting activated by the nature of the sound.

Why the Psybient band of electronic music can work best when working?

electronic music generally comprises of layers that are composed by a transcending baseline which is further layered into a variety of sound techniques generated from samples of musical instruments and electric amplifiers alike. Each note creates a vibration resulting in a continuous series of vibrating tones as the track progresses. since electronic Psybient music does not have the inclusions to many lyrics or paragraphs, the change in sound dimensions is the focal point of the progression. while the tracks may comprise of {heavenly/spiritual} {R} induction of sound that seamlessly layers with the musical notes and samples, the piece overall does not affect thinking pattern in the brain while working a task. The sounds only aid the process and grow into helping you focus further.

#SaveAarey isn’t just a cry but a display of education and rights versus the class that thinks they are above the population

summary: Aarey Forest – Why it is a forest- Your personal experience – Crocodiles, pather, leopards etc – People don’t connect data – The idea of making money and working- Actors who themselves don’t know about situations- Evading Taxes/Money Mongrels – Indians would believe anyone who shos themselves to be richer – In the name of development – Old Trees (100 Years) – Are hard to transplant – Trees have been chopped – Aarey “Milk” colony versus Sanjay Gandhi National Park – Mumbai Police – Hands tied – Puppets – Ecosystem Thinking – Understanding that all actions create ripples – No planning in construction – Overview of Phase 1 Metro – Pollution Level charts – Personal experiences of people – Your own – Get Brutal and blatant –

Growing up in India, one thing seems clear: The Class Divide. Severely bought on and kept by those in the so-called ranks of power. While the Film industry in most states across the globe does not have the type Of allure, in India certain film stars are treated next to GoD. Not as artists, creators or humans but all-encompassing power.

Amitabh Bachan is one of those dudes. He’s an award-winning actor: respect him. Just like they’d say, he’s your Uncle respect him. But no, he hugs n touches me weirdly, what about that?

These actors create personas that seem to keep fans waiting in front of their houses. Instead of appealing them to go find a life of choice themselves, once in a while the man will show himself with a shawl wrapped around- raising his hand sending the crowd into a frenzy. Outsiders write about these things with wonder and awe. As an insider living outside: I’m aghast.

Having got the opportunity to work in the show biz due to my Dance affiliation: I have seen the parody on set. No one knows what’s happening. A shot is repeated for days on end with no outcome in view. Assistant Directors want to become actors. They are children of producers, directors n “industry-wallahs”. Living with roommates aspiring to become Directors someday (with absolutely no infliction to act but strictly work in the technicalities of the film, their opportunities are snatched away by these “star kids” looking for necessary experience) Nepotism is at the heart of the Bollywood industry.

It should not surprise the viewers then:

{Add twitter pic, links to past stories etc}

{Replace above video with a youtube video on the public arrest of protestors & people}

India’s cultural disparity in its various social structures is also part of the problem. While education is available, there are people with strong ideas that don’t make it to school. The ones with money do, degrees are sold blatantly. Some experts claiming to be experts might have graduated with a degree bought in money. There is no difference really. The only difference is some people actually sit through their college educations, others just pretend they have. Who is to know anyway?

I lived in Mumbai for the most part of my life, 22 years. during that time, the metro phase 1 project took nearly 12 years to complete. The construction was happening in parts not far away from my home. But If we did need to get to Andheri West, it would take us almost 1.5 hours to get there. Even to get by bus on the Metro lines after it was constructed. Mumbai’s roads aren’t intersectional. They run in every direction {Put an above head snapshot of the Metro Area. What Amitabh Bachan is talking about isn’t even his own experience. But that’s how the people can be lured to believe things int he country. Then the case of the NGO Mafia. Lies activities wish to tell to halt development. The so-called development of Mumbai has been happening for 20 years. “I will turn Mumbai into shanghai”

Well Mumbai, doesn’t need a shanghai geography. The fact that it is its own land had its purported resources, when are we going to understand that Indian methods of construction are poor. {Recounts accidents in the city related to skywalks and flyovers)

Rather than modifying existing infrastructure. Building more rails. Larger platforms. Rules, the money that pours from branding and starting new construction make someone more money then revamping old ones. It is greed, that’s point-blank. As far as transplanting trees are concerned- it takes about {Research figure} to transplant one tree. Take a look at these pictures (embed pictures of chopped trees). These cannot be transplanted. The truth is, anyone, will believe anything in India if they are presented with “factually presented statements”

Embed a meme of the Aarey Difference. There’s a large population that has been told to believe that infrastructural development in any way is progress. however, that is the fault of our education system that trains students to rote learn and prepare material for exams. The examination that is purely based on reminiscing of subject or textual matter. The closer your answer is to the ideal answer sheet sitting in front of the evaluator, the more chances for you to score. Education is given to not make ideal thinkers but more ideal workers who can take instructions without questions and regurgitate them as they would in an examination. Some rise above the system and do wonders nonetheless, however, most don’t realize that their brain has now been trained and conditioned to always depend on directions. Wait for a question to present the right answer. The better or more words, the better. Honestly, that is how I cleared all my exams. Being an avid reader, blogging and writing came naturally to me. The best way to pass an exam was to write, write as much as you can to get whatever marks you can so you don’t fail and keep moving ahead. In school, I pretty much figured that my brain wasn’t meant for the arduous methods of schooling. Nonetheless, you have no choice but to go through with it {add link to a blog describing your school experiences}.

So now when protestors are Aarey are being met with other citizens and their cry for development, plantation of saplings et, etc. It is an analogy of the mindset that developed within schools and other spaces. While the world is studying methods of eco-development, biomimicry, and kind of going back to eastern principles of construction. Mumbai is fighting to be as westernized as it can be. what the people don’t realize is that even the constructions in cities like Toronto are falling apart. Brick, Mortar and Cement constructions are not viable for the future. Simple reason: they require heavy maintenance, eventually collapse under stress, use repetitive ideas and are not creatively built upon principles of ecosystems.

India’s officials still believe that giving an answer without any technical explanation of how CO2 gases will be contained with a metro project is a reflection of the examination methods prevailing in Indian education. The fact that not everyone is up to Mark with “English language speaking skills, officials would say anything fancy to lure in populations that have not been taught to connect, calculate, think critically”.

The people that apply their knowledge are often not given positions. Engineering colleges and other quota institutions admit OBC,SC/ST at lower than standard scores than compared to General Category. There are people I know richer than my household condition that got through colleges despite having low scores n more money. The ones actually belonging to those classes who don’t have access aren’t getting opportunities. Which leads to really dumb candidates holding office and position in various sectors.

If you got Money, you rule! Ambani has the money so well:

Do Racially Segmented Emojis cause further race disassociation?

💁🏻‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Avatars in Vedic Texts were represented in the Blue Color (primarily as an alt. for representation of Dark Skin). Or sometimes I believe for the sake of Neutrality as Avatars could be any skin tones in Humanity’s existence. I find myself often confused about color coding (matching) my tone to a WhatsApp Emoji 💃🏻 or 💃🏾?!?! It’s true that the app added these Racially Segmented Emojis due to an Uproar when it first fished out all yellow ones. But me wonders if having only these sets of emojis further Racially Profiles our world? 🧐 Often feel as if I’m matching my tone to a “Fair & Lovely” skin tone matching card. We are all different shades within our racial profiles too: Black, Brown, White, Yellow, Chesnut whatever. Maybe WhatsApp can adopt BLUE from the Vedas 🧟‍♂️🐳🐬🦕🦋🐦🧞‍♂️👁👤 #anobservation #somethoughts #raciallyconfused #emojiracialpolitics #ourskincolordoesntdefineus #skinisonlytissue #everycolormatters

Dance is not just movement, it’s a call!

Indigenous groups are the last ones to resist who have accessible knowledge of old world techniques.There is only one unique difference and many organizational differences between Toronto’s dance scene and where I come from- Mumbai!

Every movement style is allowed to exist. An interesting

The pop relation described in Guardian article ends with: “”

Ballet is compared as a top form in the world. Ones that’s practiced n rehearsed. Many local world dances have existed in a time before ballet. Get history dates.

Dance hustle- African history – opportunities- Ganpati Dancing

The sheer joy of dance

While the world lives in tatters.

In Canada one can pursue dance. In India one has to choose to pursue dance, over the choices of their parents. In some countries you are not allowed to dance. Yet, there are

Photos that show our frisky side

As the world finds reasons to share more stories, make more stories of themselves on Social Media: we will learn more about the way around us. We will also stay protected in our comfortable shells

We generally show a side to the world that is accepted by a majority. A stark realization: all the pics in my insta profile exhibits this deep sunk quality. Looking into the camera straight, showing a good quality face most seem to think one is: perfect Headshot quality. Everywhere we are composites of that image. But what about our silly, goofy or angrier sides. Our hurt trapped or affirmation streaks. Well showing a good side all the time isn’t a bad ideas.

How ironic even it is to talk about self confidence n realize that if we are all going to know one another through our Digital Bonds; then the world be okay with how one looks when not digitally interfaces.