Beating Procrastination

Often when I receive projects, my general tendency is to procrastinate even though I am fully capable of completing the project. I will stare at things, read through saved blog lists, find ways on the internet to be a more active person or simply chastise myself over not being able to deliver. In my head, however, I have already done the project and receiving feedback or rewards for the same.

The saying goes, ” Your dreams wont work, unless you do! – John c Maxwell

Most of the times I have realized that it’s only about getting started, once you give yourself a min of 9 minutes into the task, your mind automatically winds up interested in doing so. (maintaining that this task is something you actually were looking forward to do)

S- Steer your actions, T- Tempt yourself, A- Attempt the task, R- Remember why it’s important, T- Tame your mind

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