Ganpati Festival & the Primary Concern: Immersions?!?!?

Random person from India immersing an idol in the beach waters of Scarborough Bluff era Park beach

This Ganpati Festival, I intend to do some research.

A little backstory if I may: Born and raised in Mumbai, India. Growing up the festival of Ganesh Chaturti had a significant impact on my life. This is where the “Ganpati Naach” emanated as literal Dance Venture. What we followed was a procession of people bidding adieu to an idol of a Elephant Headed God (Westerners find that very trippy) What plays loud is the Nashik Dhol. The movements surrounding this are typically inspired by Bollywood and Indian Folk steps. To me, they almost closely resemble African Movement that intends to speak of daily life stories.

Same time Ganesha Dance/Trance procession

Clay idol immersion hopefully.

Ontario laws on Immersion:

Mumbai faces major water pollution issues at alarming rates every year with the immersion of large competitions idol. All made of POP. Painted in chemical based oil paints etc

When you do something all your life, you seldom question why. It is all about the festivities, yourself n your loved ones. But how does micro everyday thinking eventually impact the environment on macro levels. Largely. {state some facts, link pictures to beach conditions in the morning}

Refer Sacred Games dialogue{ek raat ek liye puri Mumbai unki hai}

The class divide in Kndia n it’s effect in educating the masses of environmental impact.

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