Hairy Mess

Upper Lip Hair Expected to Wax to be accepted as Presentable in Society. #FreeFormFeminist #HairPositiveMovement #LearningToNotCare
That time before my upper lip waxing appointment. Learning to love my face even when I have a moustache. Breaking believes and getting stronger. Women don’t need to look a certain way. No one does. We all been focusing on the exterior far too long now! Let’s get real..

Every time I look at this selfiee: I’m drawn to the upper lip hair that’s grown. Ideally woman don’t let that happen. Courtesy laser hair removal technology and u can also choose to never have them.

Over the years I have been

The year is

#FeminismSpeaks #BodyHairPositive #GirlMoustache #UpperLipHair #FreedomInPresentation