Men aren’t wired differently, that’s what they are meant to believe!

“High School kids are dressed as prostitutes today with their tiny butt shots and deep neck tops”, said a White man at my workplace to me right here in Toronto. He isn’t a human, he’s a plain disgusting one. The type that we are fighting in this society that defers judgement based on the clothes one wears because it is easier to contain population with Idealism than have freedom and open discussion. When I pointed out to this man: Comparing the clothing choices kids have in high school to the once prostitution workers wear, isn’t right- it’s clothing, none of them asked you to look at them with devouring eyes. To which he replied: Well women dress that way to attract men, why else will they do it.

Even if they did, dude! You are a disgusting creature to ponder over their bodies the same way because they are not asking of it! This fact wasn’t going into his hard shelled brain. He kept trying to justify how the life of women revolve around men, n all the choices we make somehow is to please the lot of White dudes who are entitled, conservative and can never handle a strong free women. Later his partner (my employer) tried to explain the same, bring notice to my India heritage. Talk about the rape culture that happens because of clothing. Noooo, u jackasses! Little babies are getting raped u dumb dumbs. It was the most shocking thing so far to happen in Toronto!

The fact that the existence of prostitution is a direct effect of poverty, systemic racism, marginalized communities and of course abortion rights. There was seemingly no understanding of the fact.

I was aghast! Well not because of the words he spoke but the realization that a mentality against women, body and anyone who looks feminine has had manifestation all over the world in different degrees.

In India if you wear shorts in Mumbai, you’ll likely be cat called or stared at: it’s how the society has developed a mindset on clothing.

Redundant n bad thinking exists in the richest societies.

My Grandfather was head of the house of a joint family that he supplied money for but gave no permission to the women of his house to go out. He lived in Canada himself. As my mom {Link to mom’s insta} iterates the story of my ancestry, the strong stain of mysogyny leaves trails in every word or sentence she says. Explaining how her father would scream at her mother when she would cook. constantly, harrsing. But when people came to the house, he showed another side. Has n’t this been

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