The Rut!

  • Job training,
  • work experience, and
  • business relationships

Questions in the Socratic Method – Teach yourself

My interests, skills, industry, competitive, pay grade, lifestyle, progression, hours, do I know anyone? , Reviews, experience, test, other similar jobs, training, mentor,

Ask question s for road maps

Answers are complete and accurate. So don’t think, just research and fact check accuracy. Important to bring out what’s in your head into the world. Verbalize your questions

Get outside your head.

The quality of your life is proportional to the quality of your questions.

Verbalize it, write it down, ask your friends or anyone you can communicate with for their feedback.

To avoid loss, always ask questions and never assume the answer you get to be true.

state, story, strategy. Psychology of success (tony robins). The state of mind determines your success. If you can’t influence your own state of mind, no employer will find you dependable if you don’t control it. You have to believe.

You are told what to do your entire life and start living inbox. Free yourself from a reactionary state. Fear…anger…hate…suffering…! We live in a state of fear. What do you do to take control of your fears? Be one with your fear, don’t look away! Look at it, keep staring… see what’s deep. See you might find hope! You could also see past fear – focus on hope.

Peak state: when we challenge our energies and focus on something we trigger our peak state. Pay attention to your state of mind.

Living in a reactionary state puts your destiny in the hands of others

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