Wiring the brain for better food choices.

If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it scream!

Please comment below if you know the origin of this quote, thank you!

Food has the most important role to play in our everyday ecosystem. As cliched as this statement comes, however, the food choices one makes can be very exclusive than someone else. It depends on the lifestyle you wish to access or currently phasing in. What is your regualr muscle wear and tear? Do you often feel sore after excersise, do you excercise at all? What is your monthly budget. OFtentimes, you’ll find articles/blogs on food but never do they take into account the budget one has to have to keep the nutrition going. Did you know, that your body hs the tendency to bond with what you feed it overtime, the what doesn’t kill you make you stronger applies here. But also certain foods can become poison to your system after a while. Growing up, you are always asked to be presentable, dress and be a certain way, stay strong, swallow your pain, don’t bother with all the mental talk inside. Well! The turn of the century (last decade) has definetly given way to some different school of thoughts. A growing number of people have been talking about this term, “self-care”. Putting your needs in front of others, making space, taking space, makign time for yourself. Eat to manifest, not to survice etc. 

From January to April this month, a stark reality jumped out of my budget. Almost, $250 over were spent on food consumed outside. A total of $100 hj;’on Grocery and food supplies.

I have just immigrated to Toronto, the process is overwhelming. In 2018, it was something that I had to do.

21 days of not eating outside: Saved:

started with 1 day, losing the next day…. going back to 1 again…

[Add digital calender]

Import all food pictures from phone

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