How do you process Healing?

Inbound Diaries #101: Dec 23, 2019 

I have particularly started Six days before the New Year to get some extra momentum. This isn’t a #NewYearResolution, but it’s a fine tune. A work in progress attempt at living a life that is wholesome, natural and as close to my true nature as possible. There is a whole bunch of things I presumed to know, then it hit – I been actually just reacting and acting, thinking as if consciously but unthered to my own subconscious. Feeling that working, spending, and repeating is not how your life should feel. 


  • Dismount from personal toxicities.
  • Get out of the house just randomly to spend no money for 21 days (repeat when unsuccessful).

  • Eating wholesome home cooked meals 9 days in a row 

  • Executing an idea however daunting it may seem.

Morning Ritual: What?!?!

The ideal Morning Ritual is a weird but great idea if you ask me, I tried everything out there – learn something as you wake up, exercise, {find archived articles on the pocket to link},

While these writers share great insight, I decided to pick the ones that could achieve eventually. You know, life conditions you to try harder, do better, beat the person next to you, compete, get down, but what if we changed the narrative to just accepting our flaws and working with them. I get very tired by the end of the day, teaching kids, freelancing in design and keeping up with my dance lifestyle can drain much out of a person. Agreed, there is a ton more than some individuals do and well, I have tried hard to emulate them but it doesn’t work for everyone. Accepting, that’s what your morning ritual should be like. Finding ways to accept your gifts and apply them!

[How about having a sheet that Rows{Link Label; Blog/Page Title; Link To}?]

  • Wake up, {Add Time/upper-lower limit}
  • Meditation – 9 min/ 108 breaths {Add article linking}
  • drink water, – 2 min/ 150 ml
  • give cats food – 2 min
  • poop {make it funny, add!} – 9 min
  • Brush/Floss – 5 min
  • prep ginger tea,
  • play with cats while prepping,
  • start walking in elevation, {Add link to a Video demonstrating or article you written}
  • work through your body while playing with the cats,
  • keep making tea,
  • exercise,
  • start breakfast,
  • writing,
  • shower,
  • work

To make this a daily routine, I decided to challenge one self-care task at a time.

Eating home-cooked meals x 2 in a period of 20 hours. Every now and often I end up eating outside in a period of 14 days. Not a get-together, date with my partner or celebration meal but sad take out food that upsets my tummy the very next day!

21-Days Challenge: Figure what foods work for you. Drop meat consumption from current:

Day 1: Dec 24, 2019

Breakfast: Cherry Tomato, Apple, Spring Mix Salad + Toastie (Using the Sabzi I made yesterday)

Inbound Diaries #102: Dec 27, 2019 Challenge #1: 21 Days of Breakfast before 8.30 am

So in the last few days, I lapsed into eating bad take out food outside again.

So here goes: Day 1 – Dec 27th, 2019

Day 4 – Dec 31st, 2019

Day 5 – Jan 1, 2019

Day 6- Jan 2, 2019

Parsley with Hot Peppers inspired by the Tabouleh